Free Virtual Worlds

Note: All of these are free, however some of them will allow you to pay for extra options.

  1. Furry Paws - A virtual dog game, show and breed.
  2. Habbo - A teen virtual community.
  3. IMVU - A chat area with avatars.
  4. Kids Work - Virtual jobs for kids to explore.
  5. Millsberry -  Kid simulated life game.
  6. Nicktropolis - Kid simulated life game.
  7. Neopets - Virtual pet community for kids.
  8. Outerworld - Virtual chat place.
  9. Second Life - Adult simulated life game.
  10. Teen Second Life - Teen simulated life game.
  11. Toon Town - For kids, not free but has a free 3 day trial.
  12. Virtual Magical Kingdom - For kids.
  13. Zwinky - Designed for children, but would watch as lots of adult like converstations happen.

Free Stuff

  1. Samples of -
    1. Superstay Silky Makeup
    2. Serenity Bladder Protection
    3. John Frieda Frizz- Ease
    4. Tampax Pearl
    5. Kotex
    6. Ban
    7. Always
    8. Advil PM
    9. John Frieda Light Care.
  2. Flint River Ranch - Dog Food

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